Survivor eNews October Update

Susan G. Komen News/Information:

  • Read an in-depth story about the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank in Indiana and how it’s working to save lives. Read More 
  • Watch Komen grantee and Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Daniele Gilkes at 3:40 in the video where she discusses her research on Komen’s impact on her work in breast cancer metastasisRead More 
  • Susan Brown, Sr. Director Education & Patient Support, and Komen 3-Day Step Squad member Brooke Kincade talk about the 3-Day series and Komen’s impact on breast cancer research. Read More  
  • Andrea Rader, Sr. Director of Communications, was featured in an article about Komen’s focus on metastatic breast cancerRead More

Breast Cancer News/Information:

  • Aggressive breast cancer treatment tied to more missed work. Read More
  • Researchers found that a lack of certain bacteria in breast tissue may contribute to breast cancer and could be targeted with antibiotic treatment. Read More
  • Study shows breast cancer death rate drops almost 40 percent, saving 322,000 lives. Read More
  • Researchers discover mechanism of drug resistance for ovarian and breast cancer cells. 
  • Read MoreScience Daily MRI contrast agent locates and distinguishes aggressive form of slow-growing breast cancer.
  • Preventive mastectomy study confirms ‘Jolie effect.’ Read More
  • Powerful drug combination gangs up to tackle triple negative breast cancerRead More
  • Study shows Australia is falling behind when it comes to breast cancer screening. Read More
  • Study examines characteristics of mobile mammography patients. Read More