Funding Priorities

In July 2015, Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio completed its 2015 Community Profile. This profile is used to guide the local grant application and review process consistent with the Affiliate’s mission and standards. The completed 2015 Community Profile identified the following priorities for the 24-county service area:

* Improve access to direct breast health/breast cancer services

* Implement breast health/breast cancer education

The Komen Northwest Ohio offers grants for innovative projects in the areas of breast health education, breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, support, and outreach projects targeting services not otherwise available to medically underserved individuals in our service area. All grant recipients must be non-profit organizations.

2015 Community Profile

A Community Profile is the process of gathering information and assigning priorities that Komen Northwest Ohio completes every four years in order to understand the state of breast health and breast cancer in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. A Community Profile provides information on the population to be served, access to services, location of services, barriers to services, and other breast health and breast cancer gaps. An effective Community Profile assists Komen Northwest Ohio in aligning its mission and non-mission initiatives through a strategic planning process to ensure a targeted, effective and non-duplicative effort in order to have the greatest impact in saving lives and ending breast cancer forever.

The mission of Komen Northwest Ohio will always be to save lives and end breast cancer forever; the Community Profile will provide an action plan for the next few years so that we can most efficiently use our resources to work towards these goals.

Click here to download the Executive Summary of the 2015 Community Profile.

Click here to download the 2015 Community Profile.