BCCP Tax Check-off Renewed!

BCCP Tax Check-off Renewed!

The four Ohio Affiliates of Susan G. Komen® are pleased to announce that the tax check-off benefiting Ohio’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Project (BCCP) has been renewed for the 2016 and 2017 tax years!

This means all Ohio residents who file state income tax will be able to donate a portion or all of their state refund to the BCCP.

The BCCP provides access to breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services to low-income women in Ohio. BCCP is a critical and lifesaving safety net for the working poor in our state. If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer through the BCCP, she is automatically eligible for BCCP Medicaid and all of her treatments are covered.

Despite the measures provided in the Affordable Care Act, more than 270,000 Ohio women are still in need of BCCP services. With the support of Ohio taxpayers, thousands more Ohio women could gain access to care. Ohio’s BCCP, funded at the current levels, is only able to serve about five percent of the eligible women in Ohio.

The BCCP Tax Check-Off will enable the program to serve up to 1,700 additional women (an 11 percent increase) with lifesaving and cost-saving access to early detection, diagnostics, and treatment. Over the last two years, Ohio taxpayers have contributed more than $165,000 to this life-saving program.

Make sure you promote the tax check-off option to your friends and family. Please and share within your networks. You can also check the box on your own state income tax return to donate a portion of your refund directly to BCCP. Don’t forget to check the box – you could save a life!

– Credit: Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio®